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Hi I'm Lewis Nesbitt, I'm a DJ from Northern Ireland and this is my site!

If you want to get in contact, Use the Contact me! button below or just message me via Facebook or Twitter.

Ive been a DJ since 2011 where I started off just messing about with Electro house and Dubstep, as compared to now I play abit of Techno, Deep/tech house, Drum and Bass and Prog as well.

Favourite DJs and producers right now are Richie Hawtin, Matador, Dusky, Hannah Wants, Knife Party, Disclosure, Mat Zo, Deadmau5, Matt Blakk, MK, Zomboy, Adam Bayer and a whole load of other guys. 

Check my soundcloud here and my mixcloud here for my mixes and what other music and artists I'm listening to right now.

Also,If you love dance music, check out my other project 'Dance Music Northern Ireland', like our Facebook page and check out our Blog and our Forum links below.

Thanks for checking out my site!

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